Korean Shamanic Folk Pop

They’re not your daughter’s K-Pop band! The nine-piece South Korean ensemble ADG7 (aka Ak Dan Gwang Chil) draws equal inspiration from newly reclaimed Korean folk styles of gut and minyo and the contemporary Eurocentric stylings of modern K-Pop for music for a mix that will surprise you with its raucous, danceable energy. The band’s charismatic and ultra-fashionably dressed trio of frontwomen are backed by masterfully played traditional Korean instrumentation and present a distinctively theatrical style of performance that’s like nothing you’ve ever heard before, but that you’ll never forget. You won’t want to miss the crowd-pleasing sonic sensations that The New York Times calls “catchy, bouncy and brash.”  

On tour in the Northeast May 3-5 and on the West Coast this summer (July), be sure to catch this theatrically innovative band, a WOMEX, WOMAD, globalFEST favorite!