Entertain & Educate with a United Nations of Sound!

Expand your audience, and your budget allocations, by choosing global based programs that entertain and inform.  As our world shrinks and we have the fantastic opportunity to learn about and enjoy cultures different than our own, we open ourselves up to wonderfully new global artists that delight and astound!  Catchy Korean traditional mixed with shamanism, Brazilian Forró from a polyglot multi-instrumentalist, Haitian folklore tinged with jazz, you’ll find a plethora of artists eager to connect within the pages of this online journal.  Sit back and scroll a while – we appreciate you looking us over! 


Performing Live Revue is a curated bimonthly email newsletter created by 7/24 TalentMarketing LLC, a licensed and bonded talent booking agency.  Distributed exclusively to theater presenters, meeting planners and other talent buyers, Performing Live Revue showcases the talents of diverse and culturally relevant artists to provide a ready source of available talent for consideration. Feel free to engage these artists directly or contact info{@}724talent{.}com for more information.  Interested artists are encouraged to contact talent{@}724talent{.}com for inclusion opportunities.