December ’23 – January ’24


One the last calendar day of 2023, I am beyond thrilled to introduce you to three artists who push the diversity envelope in wonderfully creative ways!  

Music is a global language; through it we are able to break barriers and unite in the universal soundscapes of 8 musical notes whose expressions are only limited by the imagination of the artist.  In fact, a familiar song can be expressed in new, unfamiliar ways, or new sounds and rhythms can be introduced that inspire the births of higher vistas of consciousness.  The great equalizer – music has a power all its own.  

As the country’s landscape changes, savvy bookers embrace the opportunity to enlarge their market share with offerings that integrate, not eliminate, existing audiences.  We invite presenters and talent buyers to consider broadening their booking horizons to include the below referenced performers, or any of the great artists housed on the Performing Live Revue platform of dedicated professionals ready and available to serve you.  Happy New Year!  


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Click here for December 2020 – January 2024 featured artists!