June – July 2022

K-pop is Trending!

Although K-pop has been popular in my home (and C-pop, J-pop and a lot of other Asian influenced pop!) since the late 1990s, it became a global sensation in the States with Psy’s “Gangdam Style” (2012) and shows no signs of slowing down!  

The phenomenal BTS are the first South Korean act to reach number one on the Billboard Global 200 and Hot 100 charts and are one of the few groups since the Beatles to have four number one albums in less than two years.  Megastars in their homeland Korea as well as the United States, the June 14thhiatus announcement left millions of fans in shock; and, while respectful of their desire to push personal projects, the need to feed the awakened K-pop beast has audiences and buyers eagerly searching for the next big thing.  Always one to keep an ear on the musical street (I guess all those years at record labels paid off!), PerformingLiveRevue is pleased to present some ‘of the moment’ and up & coming K-pop artists that are ready for their closeup.  Enjoy!


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