Legend of Urban Folk & Jazz

KJ Denhert is an NYC-based, award-winning songwriter, guitarist, vocalist and bandleader. An internationally touring artist, KJ’s career spans 40 years, numerous albums, and legions of devoted fans worldwide. Her soulful and smoky vocal styling are earthy and elegant. Her lyrics embody the romance and poetry of the American Songbook. A child of the 60s, KJ’s music is both a rich tapestry of Urban Folk & Jazz and a reflection of the fiery time of cultural upheaval in which she lived. Echoes of James Taylor, Joni Mitchel, Carole King, Laura Nyro, and Steely Dan’s combine with KJ’s own unique musical voice to create music that is both unique and relevant for today. 

She has shared stages with artists ranging from Alicia Keys, Roberta Flack and many more. When she’s not touring, KJ has been electrifying crowds with her all-star band via a residency. Catch her regular gigs at Sunny’s in Brooklyn (The NY Unit, delights audiences with their new Late Show at Arthur’s Tavern on the last Saturday of each month ) and Arthur’s Tavern in New York City’s West Village (where “The Evening News” takes center stage at Sunny’s every second Friday of the month).