Explorer of the Auditory World

Mary Edwards is a composer and sound artist whose interdisciplinary practice encompasses installation, film/theater scores, environmental soundtracks, and cinematic audio.  Throughout 2023, her current work-in-progress, “Everywhere We Are is the Farthest Place”, has been performed and installed in several iterations at Spitsbergen Artist Gallery/Svalbard, Open Source Gallery/Brooklyn, Epsilon Spires/Vermont and the Beyond Listening International Symposium on Sonic Ecologies/Budapest.  

Drawing partly on sound as a vibrational phenomenon and Space Analogues, this immersive compositional soundscape with cinematic audio is according to Edwards, “an ode rather than an elegy” to the transforming Arctic landscape, climate vulnerability, elemental sensuality and terrestrial/space connectivity.  The composition comprises ambient field recordings gathered from landings around Svalbard while on a sailing expedition to record and document the sound properties of glacial geology and oceanographic data.  

Mary Edwards’ extended discography includes numerous solo releases as well as conceptual soundtracks for TWA Terminal 5 at JFK Airport, and work inspired by the Space Shuttle expedition of NASA astronaut Dr. Mae C Jemison.  Ms. Edwards has been published by Oxford American, The Santa Barbara Literary Journal and holds a Masters of Fine Arts from Goddard College.  Be sure to catch her 2024 New York Residency at Rockwood Music Hall February 2nd, February 11th and February 18th.  

Mary Edwards