Creating Cultural Exchange

A multi-instrumentalist who, starting with the accordion, taught himself to play piano, classic guitar, Portuguese guitar, Brazilian percussions, drums, and the bass, the artist Cordeone invites you to join his world of international rhythm, immersive sounds, and the lore of faraway cultures. His current project, Trio Arreboi, performs as a traditional 3-member Forró band and is a rich example of how different cultures can band together to create music that is truly for all.   Forró, a Brazilian genre of music from the Northeast of the country, is a meeting of Native Indians, African and Portuguese people creating a new dance and music played with three major instruments: the accordion, the zabumba (drum) and the triangle. Often bringing in special guests, Forró is great symbol of the power of unity in a world that so desperately needs it, and an entertaining and educational evening audiences of all ages can enjoy.

Did you know Forró has its own dance?! Come listen, learn and dance Forró with Trio Arrebol every Sunday from 5pm-9pm at Joey Bats cafe on the Lower East Side (129 Allen Street)!  

Cordeone – Trio Arrebol