Musical Time-Traveler

A fresh new take on the favorite R&B genre, singer, songwriter, and musical time-traveler Jalen Ngonda has honed a style of modern soul & R&B that will take you back to the glorious magic of the Motown bands, in the most incredibly amazing way!  

A smooth tenor with a killer falsetto, tight songs and a rhythm that’s been missing in today’s modern music, Jalen Ngonda is the musical breath of fresh air every stage has been waiting for!  With a critically acclaimed first album and a prediction of success by Sir Elton John, Jalen hails from the Mid-Atlantic region and is currently touring the UK.  With ties to Brooklyn NY’s Daptone Records, theaters who book ‘Motown sound’ shows should take particular interest in this rising star for a new generation.  Catch him while you can, and listen to some acoustic alchemy here!