Bringing Back the Soul Singer

Inserting his soulful sound into melodic storytelling, singer/songwriter Aaron Lewys’ voice is commonly characterized as rich, smooth, and moving, with soulful vocals that  turn melodies into experiences.  

Writing from a place of vulnerability, Lewys is most influenced by great storytellers and soulful vocalists and some of his favorites include Jazmine Sullivan, Justin Nozuka, Cody Fry, Tori Kelly, and MARO.  Like these artists, Lewys tries to create engaging moments in his music to draw each listener in. He knows that well-crafted performances can change perspective, create memories, and invoke a conversation or thought that leads to growth when reflecting on the message. He loves imagery and hopes each song sends you to a place of visualizing and feeling every word. 

With several perforances scheduled in and around his hometown Brooklyn NYC, there are ample opportunities to experience the music of Aaron Lewys yourself!